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Our Time With Millie

Ricardo Pablo Pedro (2015 - ) and Nannan Mao (2017 - ), two of Millie's most recent students, recall their memories of her.

Published onApr 20, 2018
Our Time With Millie

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Ricardo Pablo Pedro

Graduate Student (Sep 5, 2015-)

Research field

Carbon conference 2016, Penn State University

Simulations of anisotropic 2D crystals such as Silicene

Study of polymers in external potentials

Topological Insulators

Photo courtesy of Helen Zeng
Photo courtesy of Helen Zeng

Carbon conference 2016, Penn State University


J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2017,8, 615

Topological directed Polymers

R Pablo Pedro, J Paulose, et all. "Topological patterning of interacting polymers". Submitted 13 Mar, 2018.

Nannan Mao

Postdoc (Jan 3th, 2017-)

Research field

Resonant Raman scattering of anisotropic 2D crystals (such as BP, ReS2)

Electron-photon and electron-phonon interactions in anisotropic 2D crystals

Thickness-dependent Raman Tensors of layered materials

What I learned from Millie:

1. June, 2013 — Peking University

First time attending one of Millie’s talks.

Strong, independent, enthusiasm for science!

First time attending one of Millie’s talks

2. Aug, 2016 — Peking University

Skype conversation with Millie.

Kind, Granny!!

Photo credit: Geof Cooper

3. Jan 3, 2017 — MIT

Became a postdoc in MGM group.

4. Jan, 2017 — MIT

Discussion in our office.


5. Feb 5, 2017 — (Sunday) MIT

Last conversation: Millie, Ricardo and I were discussing paper with in her office.

Passion for science


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