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From Nano to Neuron: Millie’s lifelong impact in my career and life

Xiaoting Jia (graduate student 2006-2011) discusses her graduate studies with Millie and Millie's advice for her, thereafter.

Published onMar 21, 2018
From Nano to Neuron: Millie’s lifelong impact in my career and life

Xiaoting Jia
Millie’s PhD Student from 2006-2011
Now Assistant Professor in the ECE department at Virginia Tech

In 2006, I joined Millie’s group. Millie led me to discover the beautiful world of nano. She encouraged and supported me endlessly to pursue my academic dreams.

The above figure shows our graphene edge study using in situ transmission electron microscope (Science 2009).

After finishing my PhD study in 2011, Millie suggested I gain my postdoctoral research experience in a different field — multimaterial fibers — with Prof. Yoel Fink.

The above figure shows our multimaterials fibers used for neural stimulation and recording (Nature Biotech 2015).

In 2015, while I was discussing with Millie about starting my own career, Millie was fascinated about the field of nano with neurons.

The above figure shows our carbon nanofibers used for scalable, high resolution neural recording (ACS Nano 2017).

Group picture (Summer 2009)

MRS dinner celebrating Millie’s 80th birthday (2010).

Group meeting celebrating Millie’s 80th birthday. Millie was cheerfully conducting the birthday song (2010).

Millie, Gene, Jing and I after my PhD preliminary defense (2010).

Pengfei and I met with Millie and Gene before our marriage (2014).

In November 2014, the big group celebrate Millie’s 84th birthday. Millie said “…I hope every one of you can enjoy science as much as I do when you get old...”

In July 2016, Millie gave Palma and me a tour of the MIT.nano building, which was under construction. She very much looked forward to having top class equipment and technical staff in place inside the nanobuilding, expediting nanoresearch at MIT and beyond.

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