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An Ocean of Purple Flowers

Edith Wang shares a story of herself and Millie enjoying the spring in LA.

Published onMay 15, 2018
An Ocean of Purple Flowers

Edith Wang
Reflections on the Life of Millie Dresselhaus

Edith and Kang Wang at MIT in the 1960's. Photo courtesy of Edith and Kang Wang

I wanted to share a brief memory about me and Millie, since I knew her so well and for so long.

I got my PhD in Chemistry at MIT in 1968.  Millie's MIT office was next to my husband’s (Kang’s), in those days, so I saw Millie very often and got to know her very well.  Kang and I eventually moved to LA, but that didn’t stop our association with Millie.  Not at all!

During the years when Millie was a Trustee at CalTech, she came to Los Angeles quite often.  At that time, she was also working together with Prof. Gang Chen and my husband, Prof. Kang Wang at UCLA for the MURI project of thermoelectrics and phonon engineering.  Sometimes when she arrived at LAX, I would go to the airport to pick her up and drove her to UCLA. During the rides we would talk and talk.