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In Loving Memory of Dear Millie: Palacios’ Group with Millie

Xu Zhang (2010 - 2017), Cosmi Lin (2012 - 2017), and Ahmad Zubair (2012 - 2017) share photos and emails from Millie.

Published onMar 21, 2018
In Loving Memory of Dear Millie: Palacios’ Group with Millie

Memories with dear Millie are timeless treasures for us

Millie hosts annual Thanksgiving dinner for her students

Sketch of Millie, by Dr. Amirhasan Nourbakhsh (previous postdoc of Palacios' group)

You are all invited to our Thanksgiving dinner today, sharing our turkey, cranberries and pumpkin pie. This is an annual celebration for the Dresselhaus family as we give thanks for the life that we have enjoyed.  This is the time of the year that we have young people take a break from work and celebrate in our home…. This park is the town park of Arlington and a place where people in the Boston area come for a walk around the pond, for family picnics, or for a walk in the woods.

Welcome to our family gathering and celebration of Thanksgiving.

Millie and Gene

Millie introduces us to the Beautiful 2D world!

Photo credit (top): Geof Cooper

An Inspiration

Grand Central’s Ceiling: Look up to see Millie

Millie’s handwritten revision of our papers

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