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Dislon: Quantized dislocations

Mingda Li discusses some research that he and Millie did together.

Published onMar 21, 2018
Dislon: Quantized dislocations

Mingda Li, Mildred S. Dresselhaus and Gang Chen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


To quantify the influence of crystal dislocations on materials electrical, optical, magnetic, thermoelectric, superconducting properties with one single unified analytical theory, with no empirical fitting parameter.

From dislocation to dislon

Electron-dislocation Scattering:

Electron energy can oscillate near and edge but not screw dislocation

Dislocation-phonon Interaction: Solving decades-long debate

Advantages of dislon approach

Dislocated superconductor’s mechanism

Non-perturbative dislocation-phonon interaction

Resonance peak of phonon relaxation rate when interacting with phonons indicates a breakdown of all perturbation theory.

Dislocation induced superconductivity


Dislon, as quantized dislocation, as a unified theoretical framework, opens up numerous opportunities to quantify the quantum and functional properties in dislocated crystals, at a full quantum-field-theoretical level.

The authors dedicate this poster to Prof. Mildred S Dresselhaus for her support on this study.

An Energy Frontier Research Center of the DOE Office of Basic Energy Sciences

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