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Millie Dresselhaus, 16 Years of Collaboration

Humberto Terrones shares some of his experiences with Millie.

Published onJun 27, 2018
Millie Dresselhaus, 16 Years of Collaboration

Humberto Terrones
Department of Physics, Applied Physics and astronomy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Mauricio Terrones
Pennsylvania State University


Millie Dresselhaus has had a great influence in several generations of scientists,

theorists and experimentalists. We had the pleasure to collaborate with her and

also our students had this pleasure. Since one image is worth a thousand words,

we show in this poster pictures which show Millie’s legacy and some of the very

nice moments we had the privilege to share with her.

Millie and Prof. Morinobu Endo on one of the multiple occasions they had lunch together.
Millie working as usual

Collaboration Mexico-MIT

Other Photos

From left to right: Ljubisa Radovic, Kostya Novoselov, Peter Thrower, Mauricio Terrones, Millie, Robert Curl, Donald Bethune, Morinobu Endo and Robert Hurt. (Carbon 16, State College, July 2016).

First Publication with Millie and Endo in 2001

Millie at the Kavli Prize ceremony. From Left to right: Morinobu Endo, Jean-Paul Issi, Millie, Tony Cheetham, Riichiro Saito, Mauricio Terrones, and Jean Christophe Charlier.

From left to right: Ana Laura Elias, Dulce Camacho, Millie and Debora Chung.

“Carbon-Based Nanomaterials from a Historical Perspective”. Proceedings of the IEEE 101, 1522-1235.). In her note, she emphasized that the work of Peter Boehm, published in 1961-1962, needed to be emphasized in the context of a chemical route to produce graphene from graphite.


Millie, thanks a lot for your support. Thanks for your encouragement and advice in the good and the not so good times.

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