The Catalyst to My Career

Nobiyuke Kambe (Fall 1976 ~ March 1981 in MGM) shares the ways in which his time with Millie and the MGM group helped launch his career.
by Nobuyuki Kambe
Apr 16, 2018chevron-down
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The Catalyst to My Career

Dear Millie,

You were the Mother in Boston, Mentor, and Catalyst to form my career.

— Nobi (Nobuyuki) Kambe

(Fall 1976 ~ March 1981 in Millie’s Group)


- Millie always edited our papers by the next morning.

- Learned work ethic

- Encountered the late Prof. Peter Eklund (below), a postdoc at Millie’s Group, who co-founded Nanotech Venture with me

Me and Peter Eklund
Me and Peter Eklund

NTT (Japan) Era

- Pursued 2D materials-enabled devices, thanks to the training at Millie’s Group

- Assisted NSF troop led by Millie in Japan

- Millie was a catalyst to expand my network globally

Nanotech Venture

- Millie said, “I have a unique sense to find an emerging and high-impact field”

- Believed this message and jumped in a venture world in US

- Founded a pioneering Nanotech startup in Silicon Valley; just followed Millie’s challenging spirit

Phoenix Venture Partners

- Shifted efforts to help Next-Gen entrepreneurs in Advanced Materials innovations in Energy, IT, and Medical fields

- Little change in the fields of interest from what I learned under Millie’s supervision

- Getting closer to the societal impact in real industries



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