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The Catalyst to My Career

Nobiyuke Kambe (Fall 1976 ~ March 1981 in MGM) shares the ways in which his time with Millie and the MGM group helped launch his career.

Published onApr 16, 2018
The Catalyst to My Career

Dear Millie,

You were the Mother in Boston, Mentor, and Catalyst to form my career.

— Nobi (Nobuyuki) Kambe

(Fall 1976 ~ March 1981 in Millie’s Group)


- Millie always edited our papers by the next morning.

- Learned work ethic

- Encountered the late Prof. Peter Eklund (below), a postdoc at Millie’s Group, who co-founded Nanotech Venture with me

Me and Peter Eklund

NTT (Japan) Era

- Pursued 2D materials-enabled devices, thanks to the training at Millie’s Group

- Assisted NSF troop led by Millie in Japan

- Millie was a catalyst to expand my network globally

Nanotech Venture

- Millie said, “I have a unique sense to find an emerging and high-impact field”

- Believed this message and jumped in a venture world in US

- Founded a pioneering Nanotech startup in Silicon Valley; just followed Millie’s challenging spirit

Phoenix Venture Partners

- Shifted efforts to help Next-Gen entrepreneurs in Advanced Materials innovations in Energy, IT, and Medical fields

- Little change in the fields of interest from what I learned under Millie’s supervision

- Getting closer to the societal impact in real industries

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